Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Sun's Jonathan Schwartz takes on Longhorn
Jonathan Schwartz, Sun Microsystems Inc.'s executive vice president of software, took time after his quarterly Town Hall in San Francisco to sit down with eWEEK Contributing Editor Steve Gillmor in a conversation about Microsoft Corp.'s Longhorn Wave and the market challenges and opportunities it may present for Sun.

hmm... Let the War Begin :-)

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Future of Flying

The Future of Flying - From Wright Flyer to the B2 Bomber
The airplane has come a long way in its first hundred years. Fasten your seat belt for a high-tech ride into the next century of flight.

3-D Models of Sunning Flights... Check out these stunning Models

100 Years of Flight: From the National Geographic Archives

Wonderful Stuff...

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An Extensive Examination of Data Structures

Data Structures on .NET, a new interesting article at MSDN by Scott Mitchell of

A Must Read.

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Debian Project hit by crackers

An unknown cracker this week compromised several machines belonging to the Debian Project, including servers that house its bug-tracking system and security components, reports eWeek. Officials are still working to restore the affected machines.

Debian is an open source operating system that uses the Linux kernel and also includes a number of packages and tools from the GNU Project. The Debian Project is run by Software in the Public Interest, a non-profit group that runs a number of similar projects.

The project planned to announce a new release of the operating system on Friday, but the attack scotched those plans.

News source: iTWeb

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