Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Happy Tamil New Year

Anaivarukkum En Eniya Puthaandu Nalvazhthukal :-) Okay… This translates to Happy New Year :-) As per the Tamil Calendar, Today the 5106th Year is Born, this year is called as “Parthiba” and the month is reset to “Chithirai”.

Hmm… it would have been fun if I’m at home !! Every new year day, my mom wakes me up in the morning and closes my eyes and would lead to the place of Kanni, the moment I open my eyes… gosh… it would be a feast…. I would see lot’s of Gold, Money, Fruits, Sweets, nuts, Flowers etc. it would be a pleasant sight @ the early morning, and this is a sign of a prosperous new year. And this would be followed by the specially cooked fresh breakfast…which includes Mango + Jaggery + Neem Flowers (i.e. Eat sweet, sour and bitter at the same time). Sadly, this year I woke up seeing my bright window and the roof and had my same old Flakes+apple+juice breakfast…. :) Poor Me… Somehow this year I couldn’t celebrate both English as well as Tamil new year?! Reason… Work… Deliverables… (Ah! I have a deliverable tomorrow). I Think this year is gonna be very workaholic.

In the Morning, I Thought I shall hear some Tamil language after a long time, so tuned in to Sun TV… some female movie star interview, and she was talking in *English*…. Whaat?! Okay next to Vijay TV… again some movie stars singing some songs with their hopeless voice…Ah! Forget it… may be bad idea to hear tamil in these channels :)

Somehow Tamil Calendar is not followed by many, almost none, except who had reached their 60’s or 70’s Age. My Granny never understands or accepts English calendar. She still follows the Tamil calendar. She would never understand, if I say her today is “April 14th” but she understands “Chithirai 1st” :-) Sadly, none of the new generation understands “Chithirai 1st”. English calendar has already taken that place… reason… Standardization. But, it’s always amazing to see that we had a calendar 5000 years ago, and a proper language as old as 5000 years or even more !!! and India had a great civilization when rest of the world were just barbarians, ruins or cripples. Simply Amazing.

Today is the new year for Malayalee’s & Kannadiga’s – Happy Vishu,
Today is the new year for bengali’s – Happy Naba Barsha
Today is the New year day for Sikh’s
And also for Srilankan’s - Happy Avurudhu Guyz :-)

posted by Logu Krishnan : 10:40 PM

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