Monday, December 15, 2003

Einstein's riddle solved in C++

Interesting stuff... Einstein's riddle solved in C++ :-)

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Attack on SCO sites at an end

Interesting :-)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Comdex 2003: Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in Matrix spoof

Matrix spoof

Everything that has a beginning has an end -- and sometimes an unexpected parody.

In one unlikely riff on "The Matrix," Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates stars as the enigmatic rebel Morpheus fighting to liberate humankind from evil computer consultants from IBM.

In a promotional video clip Microsoft rolled out on the opening night of the Comdex information technology trade show in Las Vegas on Sunday, Gates and Chief Executive Steve Ballmer appear in a spoof of the blockbuster science-fiction franchise.

"Take the Big Blue pill and this story ends," Gates says to Ballmer, referring to a pivotal scene in the movie and also to IBM's nickname, "And armies of consultants are running around the IT world. Take the red pill and you stay in Wonderland."

Ballmer stars as Neo, the movies' messianic lead character played by Keanu Reeves, while Gates, his longtime friend, is Morpheus, his mentor and guide played by actor Laurence Fishburne.

In the video, the two are dressed in hip Matrix garb, complete with trademark sunglasses and they even re-enact the movie's famous kung-fu fight scenes.

In a reprise of the now famous scene from the 1999 movie, Gates offers Ballmer, who called himself "Steve-O" in the spoof, a Microsoft "innovation" pill which allows him to extend his consciousness -- and Microsoft's multi-billion dollar business -- beyond the perceived world.

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Western Values And Eastern Challenges

Found a very interesting article on Western Values and Eastern Challenges. I always have many intriguing questions in my mind regarding these issues. I Believe more culture and values should be cultivated and educated to indians right from thier childhood.

hmm... aren't we cultured already ??? infact we possess a great culture than any other civilization ???? read below to answer these questions...

Western Values And Eastern Challenges -- Narayanamurthy Infosys

As it is said in the Vedas: Man can live individually, but can survive only
collectively. Hence, our challenge is to form a progressive community by
balancing the interests of the individual and that of the society. To meet
this we need to develop a value system where people accept modest sacrifices
for the common good.

A value system is the protocol for behavior that enhances the trust,
confidence and commitment of members of the community. It goes beyond the
domain of legality - It is about decent and desirable behavior. Further, it
includes putting the community interests ahead of your own. Thus, our
collective survival and progress is predicated on sound values.


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