Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Western Values And Eastern Challenges

Found a very interesting article on Western Values and Eastern Challenges. I always have many intriguing questions in my mind regarding these issues. I Believe more culture and values should be cultivated and educated to indians right from thier childhood.

hmm... aren't we cultured already ??? infact we possess a great culture than any other civilization ???? read below to answer these questions...

Western Values And Eastern Challenges -- Narayanamurthy Infosys

As it is said in the Vedas: Man can live individually, but can survive only
collectively. Hence, our challenge is to form a progressive community by
balancing the interests of the individual and that of the society. To meet
this we need to develop a value system where people accept modest sacrifices
for the common good.

A value system is the protocol for behavior that enhances the trust,
confidence and commitment of members of the community. It goes beyond the
domain of legality - It is about decent and desirable behavior. Further, it
includes putting the community interests ahead of your own. Thus, our
collective survival and progress is predicated on sound values.


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