Sunday, July 04, 2004

Are you Single…. No DSL Connection !!!

When I decided to dump my dial-up, I called up Touchtel for a DSL Connection… I got very positive fast replies… and at the end of the conversation when he came to know that I’m a single, living in a apartment, he announced “Sorry Sir! We don’t provide DSL connection to Single….”

What!!!!!!!! How Insane…. I was really irritated to hear that answer…. Why on earth somebody would deny a DSL connection for a single…. Ssshhh… all I could do is fight with him… but he said that’s the policy... What the heck… I did not wanna give another try…. So I ignored these guys

Contacted SIFY, and, SIFY was kind enough for single…

Steps to Get DSL Connection
1. Find a Girl, Marry Her
2. Apply for DSL Connection….

funny people and funny rules…. And I’m living in one of the 4 “Metropoliton” city of India…….

posted by Logu Krishnan : 11:55 AM

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