Sunday, July 04, 2004

My XPhone Story

I fit into one of those categories who think “Carrying Cell Phone is a SIN” and have been avoiding this for a long time, but I had to buy one when I had to leave my home town. Reason: simple, My Mom needs to track & monitor me :-) anyway she is the only soul in this world, who remembers me often. So I decided to buy one, but definitely not a costly piece. All I needed was a phone with ability to make calls and send SMS. So, at last I bought a second-hand old Panasonic GD95/96, For Rs.950 which could barely make calls and send SMS. But I made sure it was a dual band for roaming purposes. I had this phone for almost 1.5 yrs. Most of the eyes around me gave a nasty look whenever they saw the phone, but I was perfectly fine with the phone, I really did not care.

Almost everyone who saw the phone advised/screamed me to change the phone immedietly, as it was looking very old-fashioned. Moreover I had some battery problems. and at one point the hardware started to die and became highly unpredictable and irresponsive and was going beyond the depreciation value. But still I loved the phone and did not decide to change. Until one day when I went to the Elliot’s beach with my friends, we were playing on beach and suddenly my phone **slipped** and went into the Arabian Sea before even we realized what had happened… Ouch… What a Tragedy? Everybody except me who heard this was happy[Grrr….] Atlast I had to buy a phone. This time I had one more added to the wishlist for phones, a Expense Tracker application :-) but none of the mobiles had this.

This is when I started evaluating the phones. Went to some so-called “Priority dealers” and authorized shops to checkout some cell phones, but I found some uttlerly useless phones sold for atrocious cost. Most of these sales persons do not have any idea of what they sell, The main features that are exhibited by these people are 1. Dancing Disco Light 2. cinematic ring-tones 3. different color panels 4. white light, blue LED’s…. sssshhhh… these phones are in hi demand and called as fast moving phones. Infact I decided to hunt down for my good old Panasonic at second-hand again, my friend who accompanied me gave a strange look. Panasonic had a great feature of “Voice-recording” with one-touch button, which helped me to record some phone no or important calls without any effort. But new models of Panasonic do not have these.

Recently after joining ScapeVelocity, all these new smart devices caught my attention… Pocket PC’s, PDA’s, Tablet PC’s, Wi-Fi stuff etc etc So, I had a spark hitting me, and thought “Why not buy a smart phone? And add one to my Asset Section”

After a quick analysis, found there was no smartphones available in the Indian Market. Even on most parts of the US, only smartphones 2002 were available. Except phones like Orange SPV’s which is bundled by the mobile operators and is available only within the region. That’s when I heard about XPhone[www.xphone.com] After reading the specs smartphone really inspired me.

How about a phone with 133 MHz processor, with 64 MB flash and 32 MB SDRAM, more than whatz available on common PDA’s. What more it supports .NET CF [Ha… I can now program my phone… My own telnet client, my own expense tracker… hmm… tempting]

Moreover this phone has some other exciting useful features like
1. Tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900
2. Supported Speech Codecs : FR, EFR and AMR Speech codecs
3. MMC/CD card memory with SDIO support. [this is amazing I now have 128 SD card. Think about WIFI SDIO cards… WIFI keyboards !!! ]
4. Bluetooth 1.1 for: headset, serial port profile, dial-up networking profile, Object exchange profile
5. USB
6. Infrared
7. Wireless Modem [Yes I can dial up even while I travel, and connect to my PC]
8. IMAP,POP3,SMTP Support
9. Pocket Outlook, pocket IE, MSN msgr
10. Media player 7 [wma, mp3]
11. voice notes
12. camera, camcorder and other colorful usual stuff

No second thought’s here I go… I’ve bought the XPhone…

I shall post some of the time I spent with XPhone on upcoming posts….

posted by Logu Krishnan : 3:08 AM

well, logu one small mistake ...the water which engulfed ur b.c mobile is not arabian sea it is "BAY OF BENGAL"

tralala lalal ala lalalalal.....


sign... my geography knowledge !!! :(
anyway that must be anando? Is that you ?! :)

Nice story. But I could not see the moment when it went with bay of bengal....

Hi #NAME#. Just found your site via internet. Although I was looking for internet I was glad i came upon your site. Thanks for the read!

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