Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Offline Again !!

I'll be offline for whole of this week, as my dad is hospitalised, and I'm here at my hometown... coimbatore. and use of any electrical devices is prohibited over here in the hospital...

Should be up and running next week....

posted by Logu Krishnan : 8:37 AM

I am visiting your blog after a loong gap. Just now I read this post :( BTW how is your dad now? Do keep me posted.


Initially there was a stroke symptoms, and since it was a left hand, my family doctor suspected it would be heart attack, and there were some ECG Patterns shown, so he had to be kept for observervation... next day scans and xrays happened... and finally nothing worrysome... but he was suggested for a month's bed rest, some physiotheraphy exercises for 3 weeks, and traction for 2 weeks. Now he feels better. but still in bed rest.

hmm... He is becoming old...

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