Sunday, July 04, 2004

Stars Day…..

I have this habit of watching stars. This caught up with me since my school days, when I learnt about constellations during my science classes.
Twinkling Stars always catch my fascination… I would feel a silence while watching them… hmm…
Stars….. Varieties of constellation… I always love to observer and track “Orion” while I was at Coimbatore. I still remember the days of observing stars with my friend “Manu” while staying at his rubber estate, they had a beautiful pond before the house [house is on the mid of a hill on western ghats surrounded by trees]. It was great to observe stars while laying around the pond on a Full Moon Day… Manu would try to find out new constellations… :-)

Gone those days, now here I’m in Chennai and I hardly look up above the sky with all the work pressures and late night jobs. I do try observe stars here, but most of the time the sky would look blank… would look like almost no stars in the Chennai sky. I would wonder but have never thought about this…

One night I was standing at the balcony of my apartment, and there was a pleasant surprise… wow! There were too many stars… twinkling, blushing, laughing, twinkling shiny stars…. I couldn’t believe my eyes…. Man… that was too many, I’ve not seen so much of stars in Chennai….. I was really excited… and yelled at senthil[my flat mate]… he looked up and was surprised too… and thought for a while and shrugged his shoulders and said “TODAY IS MAY DAY” …. Boy! Something stuck in my head… only then I realized today is may day [laborer’s day] and all weenie big industries/mills would have closed today, and would have a very less traffic out here, which would have resulted in the decrease of air pollution today…. Hence I see Stars…. Oh My God! Where are we leading to in this so-called busy-materialistic-luxury-fantasy world… some how I hate these….

May be some day government would announce that “May Day” as “STARS DAY” … hmm… someday !!!!
Where the fellow human beings would watch stars on the sky…. What a bad day that would be…

May be my conceptions might be wrong, and there can be some other reasons like “summer” for stars being invisible, whatever it is this is not a good way ahead!

Rain day
This incident reminds me about an experience I had about “Rain” in Dubai. On the day I landed up in Dubai for a project implementation, one of my friend Gowri Shankar picked me up at the airport, while we reached his apartment rain busted out suddenly. And believe me I was the only fellow who saw rain very casual and ran into the apartment, rest of the people at the dubai streets were excited to death, and most of them were on the roads to enjoy the rain, and I saw a Mom holding her child [should be 2-3 yrs] yelling at her kid “Look… This is Rain” I was surprised and later I came to know that they had this rainfall after almost 4-5 years… Yep!! The kid is around 3 yrs, she would never ever have witnessed a rain… what a sad story. Some day later rains and trees would be thought only in school books, and only can be shown artificially…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t you see a paradox on all these worldly things happening around you !! I see a paradox !!!

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