Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Microsoft TechEd 2004 – Chennai

Another Episode of TechEd at Chennai starts Tomorrow.
This year TechEd looks very promising, with interesting 2 day's technical sessions, chalk-talk session and a one day Hands-on Lab on various tracks. Interesting speakers have queued up this year… [hmm… Raj Chaudhri is missing in the list :-)]. Moreover the session topics are good when compared to last year.

Gaurav has posted about the TechEd@Bangalore Lot’s of interesting minds have honoured this year teched, Somasegar a.k.a "Soma", Corporate VP for Developer Division, Redmond has given the keynote. And also we have product team members from Microsoft, It would be really interesting to meet all these guys. Hope they are here in Chennai too…

Also Anand.M is speaking at this year TechEd.

This year, I’m also available at the Microsoft Community stall. Hope to meet some interesting people this year.

BTW If you have not read my last year TechEd 2003 comments and Rants, you can read it here… http://loguk.blogspot.com/2003/10/my-tech-ed-2003-experiencevc-windows.html

I Shall Try Blogging Interesting moments of TechEd...

See You There……

posted by Logu Krishnan : 4:32 AM

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