Monday, August 09, 2004

Transformations in Life… Marriage…

These days… Life is moving in a very fast pace… too many events… too many people… and too many things are happening in parallel. Couple of day’s back my sis got engaged for marriage :-) I’ve heard people saying “Girl’s grow fast”!! I’ve always laughed at that, but today it sounds very true…. She has been always my pet… I still remember the day she stepped into her KG Classes…. After being exhausted by one hour of crying, somehow my mom and I managed to leave her hall, and I was on the same school, and was the third hall from her KG Hall. I went back to my class, after about half an hour something disrupted me and I turned towards window [I always prefer window/corner seats]… I saw this little girl peeping thro’ the window with big puffed red eyes…. with a pathetic face… Gosh! I was shocked… somehow she had sneaked out of her class unknowingly to her teacher and while moving out she should have seen me at the window and stopped there… no other options I had to take her to my house… she started accepting her school almost only after 2-3 weeks…with much of protest…. days passed on… she was one of the brightest in the class. Since we were at CBSE School, she started programming from her 6th grade, while she was at her 8th grade… one day she asked me “what is Fibonacci series ?” I explained it to her, she started writing flow chart, and wrote her first C Program… in a snap… I was little impressed with that near to perfect program… she had good logical and analytical skills. Sometimes, I take time to understand certain strategy games, but she would learn it in a moment :-) and she is the only girl who always targets my wallet and credit card till date… she would almost drain my pocket and drain the cards till the credit limits :-) whenever she gets a chance.

Hmm… days passed by… Pre KG, School, College… Her First Love… and here… she is getting married to her first love with almost no opposition... She was hyper-nervous when she told me first about her Love couple of months back… she also said, she will marry him only If I agree… [ssshhh… what a pack of lie :-)] couldn’t do anything but laugh…. Slowly I had to talk with my parents regarding this and things hanged on for a month… and everyone was cool at both ends, but both families believed in this so-called astrology. After analyzing the horoscopes, our family astrologer announced both the horoscoped matched in 9 points out of 10. Everyone was relaxed after that… and official talks… and now, marriage on next month…. Yesterday I booked the marriage hall owned by my close friend-school mate…. I still remember me playing football inside their marriage hall those days :-) and on the green bed ground outside the hall…

Phew… things are now settled… but after being together for 20-25 years, suddenly somebody appears out of the blue and claims her for himself… that somehow disrupted me… call it possessive or what ever….!!

But what would happen to all of her knowledge and other skills, they would be rarely used… she would become a full time house wife sometime from now… and then… ???

Looks like Indian women does not have much choice, except for professionals like software engineers or doctors… and some specialized industries…. Should we blame it on culture ??? Society ??? Ourselves ??? !!!

posted by Logu Krishnan : 12:49 PM

By any chance http://loguk.blogspot.com/2004/07/offline-again-ill-be-offline-for-whole.html is related to this :)

My hearty wishes for your sister buddy. I know how one will feel if our parents and well wishers accepts to "love" marriage. Hmm as you know I have come across that in my life too :)

May god bless her and her boy friend .. let all their wish come true in the near future.

Hope this brother would also get an invite for the wedlock!!

-- Vadivel

no..no..no... absolutely no relations :-) It was just incidental...

>>My hearty wishes for your sister buddy. I know how >>one will feel if our parents and well wishers accepts >>to "love" marriage.

I Could see that at her face :)
but I really could not understand how fast people fall in love... !! somehow, this is always at a distance to me...

>>Hmm as you know I have come across that in my life >>too :)

Yeah... very Interesting Love story :)

>> Hope this brother would also get an invite for the >> wedlock!!

Oh Yeah! You are the Big Bro... you're there at the wedding :-)

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