Sunday, August 01, 2004

TROY – The Movie & the Trojan-Horse

Friday night I watched the latest movie flick, TROY directed by Wolfgang Petersen at Satyam, The Whole movie is about the war between the Greece and Troy. In the later half of the movie, the Greeks would use a war tactic to attack Troy sheepishly. The war tactic is “Wooden HORSE”. The Trojan's[citizens of Troy] carried the wooden horse crafted by Odyssey[Greek's Master Craft man] would be carried into the country lead by the Troy king himself and welcomed by countrymen with much fanfare. Later in the night the Soldiers hidden inside the horse would get out sneakily out of the horse and open the impregnable high doors of the TROY Arena, through which the Greek Soldiers would enter the TROY and would burn the whole of TROY. I’ve read about ancient Trojan War, Trojan Horse stories, This is the first time I’m viewing it in action.

Though Modern day Trojan viruses are named after this War-Tactic, but today’s Trojans are far more intelligent, but this is exactly how a Trojan works, the Trojan sneaks into the system knowingly, and would open the doors/back-doors for others to attack. Watch TROY if you need a demonstration :-)

posted by Logu Krishnan : 9:54 AM

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