Friday, September 03, 2004

A Dinner with Shu-Fen Cally Ko

Last weekend Shu-Fen Cally Ko visited Chennai, She is the Regional Director -Community and MVP for Asia Pacific and Greater China. Abhishek Kant - MVP Lead, accompanied her.

Anand M, had Planned the Dinner at Residency Towers. All the MVP’s assembled at the venue by 8 PM, and we went ahead to “The Southern Aroma”, a south Indian delicacy at Residency. The Hall had a good south Indian ambience, and a guy over there was playing sitar in his guitar!! [ouch! Am I misinterpreting ?] Vaidyaraman joined us little later.

Update:Here is a small video of MVP Dinner. Download Video file

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Everyone started ordering their food, since I’m a **Forced** Vegetarian these days[grrr…], I did not had much choice and had to order the tomato soup [Gosh! I’ve never been a vegetarian in my whole life, and this tomato soup was simply but Rasam – in south Indian style :-)], Everyone Hogged chicken[:(] and I could barely watch and eat my plain Appam with the Stew Anand had ordered :-)

It was Fun talk, and some interesting things we clarified with Cally was, how to identify the difference between a Chinese and Japanese, the answer by Cally was, "Japanese women would wear a ornament on their neck, hair and/or on hands, and Japanese men would have a very different hair style, and usually Chinese would not opt that hair cut", and immedietly she was put to test the man who stood near by us, to identify him either as Japanese and Chinese… She passed the test by rightly identifying him as japanese...:-D Cally was interested in knowing about the South Indian Food, and I explained her the process of making Idly, Appam, Idiyappam etc… and we did order the same foods, and she managed to eat the idiyappam with her Spoons and Forks :-) one surprise was that she claimed that she cannot eat easily with the Chinese chopsticks, whereas her kid would easily eat peanuts with chopsticks… Yep!! Peanuts with chopsticks?? I myself couldn’t imagine eating using chopsticks… that should be hard :-D

Then we came to business, Abhishek wanted some suggestions and feedback on MVP Program [except the suggestion of changing the MVP Lead ;-)] lot’s of things were discussed regarding MVP Academy, Channel 9-India, Product Teams contact, Hardware pool, Articles, PSS Support etc. Both Cally and Abhishek were in the listening mood and responded patiently.

And while we were out of the Southern Aroma it was almost 11:30 and could hear the roaring sound of Bikes & Barrels… The Dance Pub of Residency…. though it was very tempting to get in, we were good boys[!] and returned back to our homes.

Overall, that was a pleasant evening, and it was surprising to see a Regional Director of Microsoft spending her time, with MVP’s here in Chennai. She was very down to earth and very cool and professional :-)

Moments captured using my XPhone :-)

Cally & Me Vinod, Abhishek, Cally Anand M & Vaidhy Vadivel, Vinod, Abhishek
Anand,Cally,Vinod,Rajesh Cally @ CNUG Session Cally @ CNUG Session A View of CNUG Session

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