Sunday, September 26, 2004

Smartphone and .NET - My Session @ Chennai .Net User Group

Yesterday I spoke about smartphone and .NET at Chennai .NET
User Group[CNUG] 2nd Year Celebration @ Tidel Park Auditorium,
Chennai, India. The event was oversubscribed :-) There were around
320 including 70-100 students from various colleges in and around

We had a full day celebration, with 4 technical sessions. While I
was speaking about smartphone, half of the crowd did not believe
that everything i spoke about was possible on a mobile phone, but
they seem to believe after demos. I had planned to stress about
the business implications of mobility, and took a while to make
the crowd's head nod and say... yes mobility is required... and
it does has some business implications... but i had to rush up on
the last 10 minutes...

During the Chalk Talk session and after my session, I had opportunity
to speak to lot of people... one thing I observed is lots of students
were more interested on mobility than the developers. And the developers
who spoke to me had some interesting questions...

Anand started with keynote and we had sessions on ASP.NET 2.0 by
jerome, Mono and Rotor by Sriram, VB.NET by naresh, C#2.0 by
dhamayanthi. and Mahalax managed the whole event, and she had
put in lot of efforts to run the show.

however whole day was fun.

posted by Logu Krishnan : 9:44 AM

Yes the session was really nice and it was very useful. It gave me a lot of information about the Smart phone applications and its business values.
One more thing I like to say is your way of presentation...... Really cool...

Thanks Logu... and thanks for Anand.......

My experience @ CNUG 2nd Year Celebrations:


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Thanks for your feedback :-)

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