Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Ex-Boss[es]

Recently I received a mail from my ex-project manager "Kesavan Krishnan", narrating experiences of his recent Motorbike expedition from Kashmir-to-Kanyakumari, organized by "WHO". Thought I should blog this.
Read his full experience here

I should write something about him, actually this man is really Adventurous and makes me Envy most of the time :-) He is the man who has announced himself as “Professionally-Retired” at the age of 35, though he was a typical software personality and have almost traveled and worked at most of the countries, he is always a dedicated person, who can tackle stress, workloads and other software chores. Today he enjoys every bit of his life he is involved in bits of Adventure, spirituality, Service to society, trekking, expeditions, family tours…

Ah... Boy... am I Missing out some spice in my life... and tracing something that really don’t exist? He makes me feel so...

Incidentally, I also recollect some interesting people I’ve met here at my Chennai life… 2004 has been quite eventful year to me. Too many events occurred both at career and personal life. Too many people – “known faces”, “unknown faces of known faces”!!... Too many unique characters – charming, egoistic, sheepish, air headed, cool headed, just gas, third-dimensional thoughts, who lives life, sometimes too sweet to ignore…. sometimes a person who understands every bit of you….

The last category is the rarest of all, very rarely I get to meet such persons. "Anand Srinivasan" and "Aravind" fits that rarest breed. Frankly speaking they have inspired me a lot and I’ve learnt a lot even on basics like doing your job with perfection, thinking about technology in its purest perspective, mapping technology with business perspective et al… sure they have redefined many things with in me…and I’m neither ashamed nor filled with ego to say “I’ve learned from him”, instead I’m glad to say this… but It’s difficult to decipher when this cadre of people vanishes from the life. It would take lots of time to fill up that empty space. Sometimes that place is just empty always…………… !!!

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