Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Robotics Framework for .NET and [a]c#

Robotics4.NET initiative aims to develop a framework for programming robots
and defining their architecture with managed languages for .NET as C# and
VB.NET. you can find more documents posted by Antonio Cisternino at http:

Annotated C# now supports C#2.0

Antonio Cisternino's blog on [a]C#

And here is an related interesting link http://research.microsoft.com/ero/

posted by Logu Krishnan : 10:13 PM

Hi Logu,

This is Sen"DHIL",BE CSE 2004 pass out, Now working as C# programmer in Novantus Corporation Coimbatore. I got really impressed on ur ritings, I have a doubt,
o/p: 32678
string s ="Int16.MaxValue";
How to get the above o/p using string s;
just like the eval function ActionScript
I am looking for ur reply
Best Regards,
Senthil Kumar Ramachandran.

:) Thanks for the comments.
eval: This method is not available in BCL, but there are alternatives like

1. you can create a JScript.NET code wrapper

2. or a bit riskier approach is to use VSA Engine, to call the eval method.

string s ="123*123/123";
object obj;
Microsoft.JScript.Vsa.VsaEngine vsEng = Microsoft.JScript.Vsa.VsaEngine.CreateEngine();

obj = Microsoft.JScript.Eval.JScriptEvaluate(s,vsEng);

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