Friday, December 31, 2004

2004...Life and Me

Should I say that Life spins & rolls or splashes out…? Phew... Past 3 Months, life took me in a supersonic jet; everyday was filled with new events, new people, new decisions, and new things to do. Most of them were absolutely crazy, highly uncertain.

Reflecting Back, I should say 2004 was quite a very eventful year for me. Remarkable turning points and twists in life. Started out with a most stressful project and 6 months went in a whiz… without looking back at anything including family and friends. After which life became a bit calm but slowly other waves started spurting out.

During Past couple of months ScapeVelocity Inc, the company I worked had a major transition and is becoming one of a big players, moved to a big prestigious building, new members in the management crew, a collective increase in turnover of 500%, a new venture in Asia Pacific region… But, something kicked me and said that I should look out for other opportunities, which I did not think for past 2 years. After much of impasse decisions, I did put down my papers in the early week of December and took up a job at Virtusa Corporation.

Now on, I should get lots of time for myself and I can concentrate on what I really love. Anyway let me see what 2005 has in stock :-)

Happy New Year to all of my Blog Readers [Guess 5-10 Readers… :-)]

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