Tuesday, July 12, 2005

An Afternoon at the US Consulate

Last week, I had an appointment at the US Consulate at 2:15 PM. After normal chores and queues, I was awaiting for my token call, and it was already 4:30 PM…[wasn’t my appointment at 2:!5 PM!!!] Whatever…I’ve decided not to get pissed off, and started diverting my attention to observing people. I was on the 1st row, so I had a clear visibility of whatz happening in the 1st 3 counter…
Some interesting conversations I can remember...

American: So, you are a muslim
Indian: Yes,
American: How many families you have ?!
[Me: What… ?! Should every muslim have 4 families !!!]
Indian: [stranded] 1 Family with 6 Kids
[Me: Oh! My God... Good that he didn’t have 4 families :-)]

Counter 2
American: Why do you want to go to US ?
Indian: I’m going to build payroll software for my company ?
American: [with a grin] Don’t you get your salaries now ?!
Indian: Yes… Yes.. I do… and yes, we do have a payroll system
American: Then why do you want to go to US ?
Indian: I’m…I’m… going to enhance the system
American: Why not do that in India ??? I Just don’t understand…blah blah…
[Me: Okay… this guy is rejected…]

Then a old couple struggling with a person who thinks he can manage without a tamil translator, and another lady who wants to go to live with her husband was rejected as, her marriage was not approved by the US consulate !!... et al…

Meanwhile I was called upon, I was bit cool and ready for my own interesting conversation… :-)
American: Good Evening sir.
Me: Good Evening
[Gave out all the documents and passport]
[He Saw my face closely, then browsed thro’ the passport]
American: Sir, First… we shall start with the Finger prints
[First…hmm.. looks like he has lots of questions… Finger Prints reading done]
American: You are working for your company for last 6 months, is that correct ?
Me: Correct
[Again he browsed thro’ my passport, he typed something in his computer]
American: Fine sir, you can pay the fee at counter 1, we shall courier you the passport.
Me: [Whaaat… Is that all…No questions ?! He did not even ask for my invitation letter or purpose of visit…anyway…hmm]…. Fine, Thanks

[Before Leaving the counter]

American: I’m sure you are not from Chennai, Are you?
Me: [Puzzled] Excuse Me …
American: I mean your origin…
Me: Yeah, right… I’m from a place called “Coimbatore”, located 500 Kms south-west from Chennai.
American: “Coimbatore”… Yeah I know that place,I’ve been there some time back, I’ve been to ooty as well… Nice place… Nice People…
Me: [Ah! Is this man reading my face… !!] Yes, indeed it’s a nice place…Thanks
[We exchanged smiles and left the counter… I was quite surprised…later after 3 days Michael from logistics team said I’ve got a B1 for 10 year multiple entry… I was not surprised at all… :-)]

posted by Logu Krishnan : 5:47 AM

have a happy visit.
BTW ... no vs 2005 beta 2 post so far?

... :-)

Hi Logu,

Its great to see ur post after a looong time.

Very interesting ...

Have a nice trip...

How was ur Srilankan trip and projects...

Nope Senthil, I'm still stuck up at Sri Lanka...Would be back to chennai in 2-3 weeks

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