Sunday, August 07, 2005

Moments in Sri Lanka

Yesterday early morning, I landed in chennai....after a short stay from Srilanka....Ah!Few Months back, Sri Lanka was just another place on the map… I had never thought or planned to visit this island, whenever I wanted to go outside the country I always had a long wish list[!] Venice, Italy, Rome, Swiss, France, Germany, Aus , Seychelles et al… :-D [I'm bit greedy on travel] Infact, initially when I was asked to go to Lanka, I immediately denied [Why the heck should I go to a war zone?!] but, later agreed due to some instinct…!! From then on when I took up the IBM assignment, life was a whirlwind and was set into a sort of trance, travel, moving to Hyderabad, back to Lanka and too many events blossomed and died in a very short span of time. Project was bit like a war with parallel teams from IBM working across the world, and everyday a new strategy has to be formulated to handle the project and team...and things went on...and surprisingly met some interesting incidents in life...!! Before, I could even recollect whatz happening… here it's coming to an end…BTW now the product is entering Beta 1 stage and debuting in the world with its official name as IBM Websphere - Information Analyzer, which is to be showcased on IBM's Tech Symposium Next month...IBM is also gearing towards the final release by next year, meanwhile, MSFT is also gearing its SQL Server's Integration Services, and things should get bit interesting from then on... 'm awaiting ;-)

This time, when I came to Sri Lanka, thought of practising something i was adviced, something i learnt recently, to live life uncomplicated... so to making life bit interesting and simple, said no to mobile phones, no Laptop, No network at home, No TV… and life was good.. Me, My mp3 player and couple of books [Surprisingly, I've finished reading Paulo Coelho's "The Alchemist", "Eleven Minutes", "The Zahir". Started liking his writings, his writings are like melody, sort of soothing music. And carries you along with his words and also has the magic of changing perceptions.He defines what life, love and people are all about].

Srilanka also gave me some good friends in this small island. I rarely make friends, and Dhanushka was one among them, this guy was so very interesting, as our first meeting was filled with intellectual talks. He had amazing analytical and logical skills… and was fast on grasping things…also had an amazing capability of reading people's mind :-) He invited me for a authentic srilankan lunch... He has a wonderful family, sweet wife and a lot of dreams in life… interesting guy… and also sync'd with lahiru, sujeewa,susantha,piyal,chamath et al. The guy who is about to continue my role further in the project is Tariq Al Ayad, it took couple of interviews to identify this guy, he had a spark...loves microsoft :)...Good luck guys...long way to go...

Also traveled with in the island, whenever possible, and this island did not disappoint me at all. Initially My Travel partners were Bhagvan Kommadi, he is the senior Techie Architect in my company. He was a very interesting character. Very rarely you can talk about technology, science,Logic, Philosophy, People, Movies, Music, Food, Life, Moon, Stars et al to a single person… he was one among them and Hariharan, Senior Engineer and a very nice human never denied for any of my travel plan...we were all set to travel to the seducing place of srilanka...Kandy, adventuristic at...sigiriya,blissful at...Nuwara Eliya and other places...Wanted to see lagoons, but i was said that reconstructions are still happening after the tsunami attacks.

Learnt amateur photography a bit, as well...Here are some moments captured in various moods... Photos...Moments at Srilanka...

Alas! Back in chennai...oops! singara chennai :-) and man, its raining now[!]...Miracles do happen... Do they ?!! Whatever... time to get back to business...time to sew...

Who can say where the road goes,
Where the day flows?
Only time....
--Enya, Only Time

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